Washer Quattro AC XB RGBW (Discontinued)

Chimelong Water Park - Guangzhou, China

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With precision optics, Washer Quattro AC XB RGBW is a powerful but energy efficient, full-color RGB plus W IP66 rated outdoor luminaire designed for architectural color-changing facade lighting and outdoor high brightness flood lighting applications.

The intelligent and powerful outdoor LED Washer Quattro AC XB RGBW provides superior close-field color mixing and light performance suitable for urban and tough environments with a variety of beam options ranging between 13°, 30°, 40° and 60°. The flexible luminaire mounting allows the Washer Quattro AC XB RGBW to be used for both wall washing and façade lighting applications, while guaranteeing a vast light output of 3212 lm. With active over-temperature protection, Washer Quattro AC XB RGBW enjoys a longer LED lifetime compared to other luminaires in its category. Remote Device Management, simple configuration and addressing makes it an easy to install and maintain luminaire for powerful illumination of office buildings, shopping malls, bridges, hotels and stadiums.

Also available in Dynamic White (DW).

Intelligent – DMX control with Remote Device Management, with easy configuration and auto-addressing capabilities.

Powerful – Flood illumination with super consistent light and close-field color mixing of 16.7 million RGB plus W colors.

Longer lifetime – Through active over-temperature protection.


Beam Angle :
30 Degree
40 Degree
60 Degree
13 Degree
Color :
RGBW (W:4000K)
Dynamic White (2700K-6500K)
Environment :
Outdoor IP66
Control :
  • Chimelong Water Park - Guangzhou, China
  • San Francisco International Airport Long-term Parking Garage - San Francisco, CA, USA
  • First Place Tower Parking Garage - Tulsa, OK, USA
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