Lighting Control Engine 2 mx

Thee Matic Mall - Bandung, Indonesia

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Designed to control small to medium projects, the Lighting Control Engine 2 mx (LCE2-mx) is a high performance server with two pre-installed e:cue software applications. As a central control unit, this versatile lighting control server orchestrates all devices and fixtures within one project. With the ability to output e:net and the capability to integrate various external engines, triggers, as well as other desired devices and content, the LCE2-mx is the superlative solution for ambitious projects: automation, DALI projects, architectural illumination - you name it! The LCE2-mx can be mounted onto DIN rails with the optional DIN rail adapter brackets, on walls, or 19'' rack drawers.

Key features
  • Equipped with e:cue’s SYMPHOLIGHT and e:cue’s LAS
  • Fanless operation, no moving or rotating parts due to an SSD-drive
  • High quality components for reliable uninterrupted operation, certified for industrial use
  • Supports a variety of Ethernet-based protocols
  • Easily mountable onto DIN rail (not included) or onto walls
  • Supports headless operation (no keyboard and monitor needed)


Technical Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D) 182 x 167.6 x 54 mm housing
Weight 1.465 kg
Power supply

external 9 ... 36 V DC input, 60 W
w/ reverse polarity protection, OCP, and OVP

Operating temperature 0 ... 60 °C, ambient w/ air
Storage temperature -40 ... 85 °C
Relative humidity 10 ... 95% non-condensing
Protection Class IP20
Housing Aluminum alloy
Mounting Wall mounting
Battery Yes (1)
Certification SE


  • Tianjin Binhai New District - Tianjin, China
  • Palliser One - Calgary, AB, Canada
  • Meadowhall Shopping Center – Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Taiyuan - Shanxi, China
  • Thee Matic Mall - Bandung, Indonesia
  • JPO Sudirman Bridge - Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Meixihu International Culture & Art Centre - Changsha, China