DMX2PWM 9CH Dimmer

EVO Crane - Offenbach, Germany

The e:cue dmx2pwm PWM LED dimmer is a 9 Channel DIN Rail mounted dimmer for use with constant voltage fixtures. The input voltage is variable from 12-48V DC and each output channel has a maximum output current of 2 A.
Every output channel can be individually controlled via DMX and the DMX output allows the chaining of multiple devices. The option to either manually or automatically address the dimmer to a DMX Channel provides a simple solution for small to complex control scenarios. The reverse supply protection and self-resetting overcurrent protection do help to avoid malfunction and damage caused by faulty connections. Two status LEDs show the status of the dimmer and the status of the incoming DMX signal. Screw terminals provide connectivity for power input, pwm output and the DMX signal input and output.

  • Burj Al Salam Tower – Dubai, UAE
  • Diving Bell Exhibition – Tokyo, Japan
  • Private Residence – Toronto, ON, CA
  • Kendra Scott Jewelry Retail Stores – Various Locations, US
  • Spike Sports Hall - Budapest, Hungary
  • Bülow Carré - Stuttgart, Germany
  • Maillart Bridge - Aarburg, Switzerland
  • Akmerkez Shopping Mall - Istanbul, Turkey
  • EVO Crane - Offenbach, Germany