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Mood Light® Motion (Discontinued) Product - Traxon Technologies

Mood Light® Motion (Discontinued)

OSRAM Lighting Solutions exhibits in Light Middle East 2015 – Dubai, UAE

Mood Light® Motion interactive lighting panels combine LED lighting with motion sensing technology to create stunning interactive lighting solutions. Each modular 30cm square panel contains its own interactive lighting control engine that functions as a complete stand alone system. Simply add more modular panels to build any size or shape. Combine designer surface materials with custom video and interactive behaviors to fully define unique experience. Mood Light® Motion is a truly interactive solution without the need of complex external sensors, controllers, and time consuming installation and configuration. Up to 255 modules can be connected and automatically addressed.  Ideal for indoor use and compatible with various surface materials, Mood Light® Motion is an attractive solution that provides an interactive experience and adds a creative element for interior designs.

Easy to configure– The Mood Light® Motion and its configuration software are designed to make developing sophisticated interactive lighting effects a snap. Simply upload video and presets, develop and explore the interactive concept live on the panel, then disconnect computer for standalone operation.

Easy to install– Installing and connecting the interactive modules is quick and painless using the snap-in mounting plate system. Surface materials are installed to the front of each panel, the finished panel unit then snaps into the mounting plate, providing a clean finished look with all wiring and fasteners neatly concealed. The Mood Light® Motion system is simple and totally self contained. All that is required for operation is a 24 volt DC power supply. No external controller is necessary. It's as simple to deploy as any other lighting fixture but with infinitely greater possibilities.

色調 :
環境 :
重量 :
1.07kg/ 2.36lbs
寸法 :
297mm(W) x 297mm(L) x 37.5mm(H) / 11.7”(W) x 11.7”(L) x 1.5”(H)
  • OSRAM Lighting Solutions exhibits in Light Middle East 2015 – Dubai, UAE
システム構成 (Please refer to Specification Sheet for more details)
制御オプション :
電源オプション :
  • 16PXL Board RGB (Discontinued)