The Pearl Bangkok - Bangkok, Thailand

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Developed with superior usability in mind, e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT is a simple yet powerful lighting control software with an intuitive graphic user interface. Based on advanced timeline programming, SYMPHOLIGHT combines easy fixture and project set-up, content creation, automation and execution control in a single application. With powerful scripting capabilities, visual automation tools, and remote control via any web browser, SYMPHOLIGHT provides easy and playful design experiences even for the most sophisticated lighting and media applications.

Key Features:

— Brand new render-engine allows to control an incredible amount of pixels/channels
— New optimized and increased scripting functionality, including full documentation
— Remote control and status reporting via new REST API
— Control RGB and RGBW fixtures with a flexible and freely adjustable white channel handling
— New DALI commissioning and testing tools
— Brand new device tree to handle multitudes of controllers with speed and ease
— Enhanced control handover between several SYMPHOLIGHT instances
— Many new workflow designer blocks for unlimited control scenarios
— Secured connection to SymphoCity and other third-party, cloud-based applications for various control scenarios, such as energy metering, system status, content management, show control, and scheduling in a single building or throughout the city

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