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4PXL Add-on Board & 4PXL Add-on Strip (Discontinued) Product - Traxon Technologies

4PXL Add-on Board & 4PXL Add-on Strip (Discontinued)

V City Mall – Hong Kong, China

4PXL Add-on Board & Strip leave no space without light.  Capable of static or animated graphics and video replay in full color, 4PXL Add-on Board & Strip can be used as small, more flexible pieces with which to more freely build the perfect lighting scenario; they can also act as a supplemental solution, filling small spaces not covered by the full 16PXL Board RGB, ensuring complete coverage on larger installations.  Equipped with four ultra-bright, auto-addressable surface mounted LEDs, Add-on Board & Strip are suitable for indoor applications.  They are ideal when mounted behind diffusion materials such as stretched canvas, or semi-translucent solids, which soften and spread its colorful output, adding depth and accent to indoor environments.  In addition, dipswitches on their reverse side which, when toggled, allow each Add-on Board & Strip to be addressed as a single pixel, thus augmenting any RGB solution.

Versatile application – Able to be used as a smaller, more flexible solution, or as a supplemental solution filling small spaces when paired with full-sized Boards, 4PXL Add-on Board & Strip ensure complete coverage on installations of any configuration.

Medium pixel pitch, wide beam angle - 4PXL Add-on Board & Strip offers a 62.5mm pixel pitch and a beam angle of 120°--identical to the 16PXL Board RGB--making them efficient tools for low resolution graphics, text, and video replay on varying levels of complexity.

Low-profile, light weight design – 4PXL Add-on Board & Add-on Strip’s design offers a wide range of installation possibilities, including applications on ceilings and inside floors.

Simple connection with TX Connect™ Smart - Power and data are combined into one cable with the simple TX Connect™ Smart, a universal system that enables plug’n’play set up.

Smart Chip technology - Each of the four or eight pixels are auto-addressable and easily configured.


Beam Angle :
120 Degree
Color :
Environment :
Control :
DVI, e:pix/DMX
  • V City Mall – Hong Kong, China
  • Chevy Chase Pavilion – Washington, D.C., USA
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Technical Documents :
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