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64PXL Board RGB (Discontinued) Product - Traxon Technologies

64PXL Board RGB (Discontinued)

Lutron Showroom - New York, NY, USA

Options vary by Region, see support documentation below for specifics.

64PXL Board RGB is an efficient tool for dynamic communication and visual enhancement of a range of environments, from commercial to hospitality and entertainment installations. With its tight pitch and wide beam angle, 64PXL Board RGB beautifully reproduces full color, medium resolution graphics, text, and video, in indoor environments. 64PXL Board’s low profile makes it ideal for placement behind solid or fabric diffusion material, for a softened image quality and evenly-distributed light. 64PXL Board RGB is controllable by DMX512 and e:pix/DVI input signals, as well as Smart Chip technology and intelligent software allow maximum control each of the 64 individually-addressable pixels, in even the most intricate media scenarios. Additionally, an Add-on Board and Add-on Strip of the same pixel pitch and wide beam angle are available to extend 64PXL Board’s light beyond its fixed dimensions. Filling the remaining margins of unordinary installations, Add-on Boards and Add-on Strips further 64PXL Board’s flexibility.

Tight pixel pitch, wide beam angle – 64PXL Board offers a 31.25 mm pixel pitch and a wide beam angle of 120°, making it an efficient tool for graphics, text, and video replay of varying levels of complexity.

Low profile – A minimal standoff distance allows 64PXL Board to remain close to its mounting surface, resulting in an unobtrusive contour, ideal for placement behind solid or fabric diffusion.

Add-on Board and Add-On Strip – An 8PXL Add-on Strip and a 16PXL Add-on Board of the same pixel pitch and wide beam angle, extend 64PXL Board’s ability to adapt into installations of any dimension. The Add-on’s individually-addressable pixels fill the small spaces not covered by the full Board to ensure complete coverage.

Smart Chip technology – Each pixel on 64PXL Board, 8PXL Add-on Strip, and 16PXL Addon Board, is auto-addressable and easily configured.

Beam Angle :
120 Degree
Color :
Environment :
Control :
DVI, e:pix/DMX
Weight :
260g / 0.57lbs
Dimensions :
(L x W x H) 240mm x 240mm x 14mm / 9.45" x 9.45" x 0.55"
  • Ice Angel – London, UK
  • Orchard Gateway - Singapore
  • Triumph – Vienna, Austria
  • DOMO Showroom - Paris, France
  • Shanghai World EXPO (Indoor) - Shanghai, China
  • Crystal Lounge - Paris, France
  • Sephora Qianmen Flagship Store - Beijing, China
  • Lutron Showroom - New York, NY, USA
System Components (Please refer to Specification Sheet for more details)
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