The Landmark Skywalks - Hong Kong, China


Traxon Technologies, leading provider in LED lighting systems and solutions, realized one of the largest LED Christmas decorations for this years Christmas wonderland in Hong Kong. Supporting environmental protection, Hongkong Land decided to decorate the five skywalks around the Landmark building in Hong Kong’s Central with energy saving though highly efficient LED lighting solutions provided by Traxon. The installation size per bridge vary from a quantity of 40 Mesh units for the 2x13 meter ‘Ice House Bridge’ to 202 Mesh units installed along the ‘Connaught Bridge’ with a total length of 63 meter, displaying huge season’s greetings and Christmas animations. Traxon’s Mesh RGB is a highly versatile, modular system of IP67-rated LED modules with a low profile and an easy mounting. The Mesh units can easily be connected by flexible joints offering a high degree of customization. With its individually controllable pixels Traxon’s Mesh RGB can display solid colors, graphics, text, as well as medium resolution video content from DVI as well as DMX input signals. Together with its flexibility and easy mounting it is the perfect solution for an installation of this kind, turning the skywalks into an eye-catching Christmas attraction.

Category : Festive Lighting   Lighting Designer : Ledartist
Client : The Landmark Skywalks   Architect : Ledartist
Location : Hong Kong, China   Designer : -
Date : 2009-11-12   Installer : Ledartist
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