T.C. Ziraat Bank Headquarters - Ankara, Turkey


T.C. Ziraat Bank was the first center of western finance and trade in Turkey. Despite international expansion, the bank remains headquartered in Turkey, housed in a prominent, historical building in the heart of Ankara. When T.C. Ziraat Bank wanted to revitalize its headquarters, it relied on Traxon & e:cue to highlight the structure’s architectural splendor, maintain its historical integrity, and provide a highly competitive price. Traxon’s Liner XB Amber, Liner XB Warm White, and Dot XL-6 Warm White were applied to the bank’s façade. The exterior walls and columns were illuminated in a rich Amber graze and its seemingly-weightless arched windows, balconies, and niches were accented in Warm White. These lighting solutions emphasize the bank’s unique, Ottoman-influenced architecture and respect its historical significance. e:cue’s advanced Butler XT is used to control the 250 lighting fixtures applied to the graceful lines of the historical building, and the complete solution is triggered by a single Glass Touch T12. On weekdays, the light is static, with illumination levels adjusted between 40% and 70%. On weekends, the light is dynamic, with a hint of motion every hour, controlled by the Butler XT’s internal timeclock.

Category : Historic Buildings   Lighting Designer : Kroma Architects
Client : T.C. Ziraat Bankasi   Architect : -
Location : Ankara, Turkey   Designer : -
Date : 2010-09-01   Installer : -
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