ProPoint Wall Washer

The ProPoint Wall Washer series is an AC line powered, high brightness luminaire. The luminaire is controllable via DMX512. The system is connected using a daisy chain topology, allowing easy installation to form long run lengths. Remote Device Management (RDM) circuits are built into each luminaire that enables extensive control and monitoring of the entire installation.
The ProPoint Wall Washer series offers a complete portfolio of wall washing solutions in RGBW, DW and Static White. Each includes 5 outputs and several beam angles. RGBW is a 4000K white and is available in 4 beam angles. The Dynamic White range is 2200K to 6500K. The Static White is available in 3000K and 4000K. Both white series are available in three beam angles.
Designed for form and function, the ProPoint Wall Washer series offer several mounting options. ProPoint ships with two cable whips, one for power input, the other for DMX512/RDM input/output. This simple daisy chain topology eliminates the need for data injectors and allows for as many as 32 fixtures per DMX link. Pairs with e:cue controls or other third party components.

Beam Angle :
Color :
Dynamic White (2200K-6500K)
Warm White (3000K)
Neutral White (4000K)
RGBW (W:6500K)
Environment :
Outdoor IP66
Suitable for Coastal Environment